Small business- 2018 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

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2018 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

At the beginning of the University of Houston 2018 spring semester, I found out I was pregnant with twins. For this reason, it became my last full semester of working as the Bauer College staff photographer. I wasn’t sure if pregnancy would affect my work in the months following my big news, but other than being a little nauseous (and sometimes a bit more easily exhausted) on a few of the jobs, I was able to complete all of my Inside Bauer assignments with no major problems. I’m happy that it all worked out because this project (or collection of projects over a few-month span) is my favorite part of working at the college.

As with previous issues, it’s always a pleasure to meet and photograph these Bauer College students, professors and alumni, and to hear their stories from Bauer or of their Bauer-related success. I’ve probably mentioned this in other blogs, but one of the main reasons behind the creation of Inside Bauer Magazine is to feature these people in a way that portrays the many uses and benefits of a business degree, whether that means success in a board room (a typical business degree association) or in the cases of some of these featured individuals…following a passion to brew beer and opening a highly successful Houston brewery, using business knowledge and life experiences to promote awareness in suicide prevention, or growing produce and a gardening business inside the 610 Loop.

Like with past Inside Bauer blogs, this is a collection of my favorite images made for the magazine (some that were published and others not). Enjoy! And take time to visit a few of the links to read more in-depth stories of these wonderful individuals.

To kick things off, I’ll start with the cover story of the magazine, which features Ryan Soroka, president and co-founder of 8th Wonder Brewery. I had the opportunity to photograph Ryan for some ads early on in my Bauer career, but this is the first time his photographs were featured in the magazine. Although it was a pretty gloomy day when we visited the brewery, the light in the tap room was amazing. With a pop of strobe added here and there, I captured quite a variety of portraits, with the following being my favorites. To read more about Ryan and see a short video, visit this link.

Yara Suki is a fellow Bauer employee who I’ve worked with on countless sales events. For this portrait, it was nice to sit down and chat (while photographing her) without all of the chaos of an event happening in the backdrop. Yara’s passions range from event planning to designing to food blogging. We decided to go with a food blogger look for this portrait and photographed her outside of a Bauer alum’s on-campus business, The Nook Cafe. I love how the bokeh of the gold lights in the backdrop creates color harmony with her gold jewelry and the crisp, caramel color of the croissant.

Caroline Ferguson is on a mission to end suicide through her business Grateful & Company. We went downtown to GreenStreet to photograph and interview Caroline at the Sugar & Cloth color wall. The happy colors of the wall go perfectly with her bubbly personality. And even though it was a typical warm, humid day in Houston, Caroline’s spirts were high and we only donated a little sweat to this cause. To hear more about Caroline and  her business, read the story and watch a video here. You might spot an NEP cameo in the video 🙂

The inspiration behind Yotham Kassaye’s portraits was Martin Schoeller’s series of close-up portraits that draw you into the depths of the subject’s eyes. We tried a variety of facial expressions, and I loved so many, I couldn’t share just one. To read about Yotham’s experience leaving Ethiopia and coming to the US to attend Bauer, follow this link.

The Nook was a popular spot for photography on the UH campus this issue and in previous jobs for Bauer College as well. For the Editor’s Letter in this magazine, we popped over to the back porch of The Nook to photograph magazine editor and Office of Communication executive director Jessica Navarro.

UH feature twirler and Bauer student Morgan Bull was into small business long before stepping foot onto the UH campus, as she grew up around her family’s dance studio. I visited the Spring, TX business to photograph Morgan there in the studio.

For Nikhil Celly’s portrait, I used a projector to create the wall pattern, adding some texture to his portrait. The image projected is actually a graffiti wall in EaDo I photographed while perusing the area last summer. During his portrait session, we spoke a lot about Canada, where he earned his doctorate, and where I traveled this summer. To learn about his background and research, read this story.

One of my favorite things about photographing the various people featured in Inside Bauer is exploring the new places where photo shoots take me. Did you know there’s a thriving farm inside the 610 Loop in Houston? I certainly wouldn’t have expected it. But I did enjoy photographing Mark Garcia-Prats there, where he and his brothers run Finca Tres Robles just a couple of miles from UH. To learn a bit about this MBA student and his ventures into running an urban farm business, follow this link.

Melissa Emekli’s venture into small business became one of happenstance, but her MBA from Bauer has helped her along the way. For her portraits, we went with a few fun and simple headshots.

The Alphalete Gym, where I photographed Sophia Pierce, was another great location I enjoyed working at for this issue of the magazine. My art direction took me one way for the portraits, but the wall of kettle bells backlit through huge roll-up doors (not part of the art direction) was what caught my attention and ended up being where I made my favorite portraits for this story. ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Inside_Bauer_College_Magazine_University_Houston_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_2018_0008ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Inside_Bauer_College_Magazine_University_Houston_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_2018_0007

Clara Hough was photographed in her showroom at House of Hough in the Heights. The plethora of linens made for fun backdrops, and the endless color palettes to choose from were a definite bonus too. To see how Clara’s BBA in marketing helped her succeed in business, visit this link.

Last, but not least, I’m featuring a few favorite shots of Bauer alum Derek Brown, photographed in the VIP showroom at Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, the dealership where Derek is vice president of business development and marketing. I don’t think you can ever go wrong photographing in a room of classic and top-of-the-line luxury sports cars. This image was a particular favorite because it combines a classy portrait with a backdrop merging past and present. The car in the foreground was originally owned by the dealership’s owner’s father, and has since been restored to pristine condition. In the background, is a limited edition beauty that’s never seen the road.

If you’ve enjoyed viewing these images and hearing about the work I’ve done for the Bauer College at the University of Houston, check out these previous blogs:

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Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer





Banff, Canada – Landscape photographs from a recent vacation

personal, travel

Landscape photographs from a recent vacation
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

My husband and I, with a group of friends, traveled to Banff, Canada earlier this month. If you haven’t had a chance to venture that way, I’d highly recommend it. The country (at least the small part we were able to see) is full of beauty in every direction.

Lake Louise is probably one of the most recognizable features in Banff. We thought it was so nice that we visited twice. The first day was rainy and overcast with a few glimpses of sunlight here and there. Since I’m pregnant with twins, I wasn’t able to hike up the trails for any upper views, so I trekked around the lake with my camera for the lower elevation views while the rest of our crew did the teahouse hike. Being from Houston, I’m always amazed to see such beautiful colors in water and how many shades of blue and green you can find, depending on the location and the light.

Another favorite on our trip was the gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with fears of heights, but we loved it. The views from the lookout points at the top were incredible. You could see the whole little town, the castle-like Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, the Bow River, Lake Minnewanka and miles and miles of mountains. Luckily, we were able to enjoy this little touristy gem on a sunny day. We wished we could have caught the full sunset, but the last gondola back down the mountain is about 9:15 p.m. and the sun didn’t set until 10 p.m.NEvansPhotos_Travel_Photographer_Banff_Alberta_Canada_Houston_Landscape_Nicki_Evans_Photography-7
After visiting Johnston Canyon for a shorter hike the next day, we were close enough to go back to Lake Louise to see it on a blue sky, sunny day. We didn’t stay long on this visit, but it was worth it to see the lake again while the sun was shining. If you didn’t see the snow in that second image, I bet you could be fooled into thinking it was the Caribbean.NEvansPhotos_Travel_Photographer_Banff_Alberta_Canada_Houston_Landscape_Nicki_Evans_Photography-10NEvansPhotos_Travel_Photographer_Banff_Alberta_Canada_Houston_Landscape_Nicki_Evans_Photography-11And last, I’m throwing in a wildlife image. Since it isn’t a landscape, it’s the oddball of the blog. But we were able to see quite a bit of wildlife on the trip…a few black bears, lots of deer, some elk, chipmunks and a fox. The black bear was my favorite animal that we spotted, but this elk was our best wildlife sighting that I could capture with my 70-200. NEvansPhotos_Travel_Photographer_Banff_Alberta_Canada_Houston_Landscape_Nicki_Evans_Photography-12

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

Class of 2018, graduation – Event photography for UH Bauer College


Event photography for UH Bauer College
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

Over the past 4 years, I’ve photographed a lot of events for the University of Houston…hundreds, I’d say.  Photographing those events has kept me fairly busy, so I’ve never taken much time to sit down, sort through and share those event images on the blog. I’d like to change that, so I’ll be posting a few of my UH events over the next couple of months.

Starting with a more recent event, here are some favorite images from the UH Bauer College of Business’s spring commencement ceremony held at NRG Stadium mid-May. These images range from behind-the-scenes coverage of grads prepping for the ceremony to “grip and grin” shots, from memorable mortarboards to the final grad crossing the stage.

Superheroes or grads? Both wear capes.BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0005BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0010BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0012BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0011BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0013BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0014BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0015BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0017
Being pregnant, I might be partially biased to this particular mortarboard. BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0021BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0019BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0022
And the crowd roars as the final grad crosses the stage!BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0024
Go Coogs!BB-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Commercial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Event_NRG_Graduation_UH_University_Bauer_College_2018_0018

For photography at your next event in Houston or beyond, email


Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer


Bob Marley lyrics in a photograph – The day I shot (photographed) the sheriff

Chambers County, People in Places

The day I shot (photographed) the sheriff
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

NEP_0207-Edit-2“I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy…” I hear these lyrics every time I look at this portrait of Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department.

As a small business owner, I’m a member of a few of the local chamber of commerce groups. I attend as many events as possible to meet fellow business owners and members of the communities where I work and live.

Each of these groups has a yearly awards gala of some sort. When that awards banquet was coming up for the West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year, I thought it would be nice if they had a portrait of the “Person of the Year” to reveal when his/her name was announced. The timing didn’t work out to photograph the award winner beforehand, so instead, the chamber president and I worked out an arrangement for me to photograph Sheriff Hawthorne after the event. The portrait will be displayed in the chamber office throughout the year until the 2019 “Person of the Year” is named.

Sheriff Hawthorne and I met early one morning during spring break outside of the Chambers County Courthouse in Anahuac, TX to make his portrait. It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny day but also about 50 degrees with a blustery wind. A large pile of sand bags and an assistant were needed so I could “shoot” the sheriff while avoiding “taking him out” with a heavy duty light stand and 60″ diffuser (a.k.a. giant kite, in this situation). I would not want to be known as the local photographer who impaled the sheriff with a light stand.

The portrait turned out just as I had pictured it, and I’m pleased to share the results of the time “I shot the sheriff…”

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

My friend and fellow photog, Ronnie – Lifestyle portraits in Montrose

Faces, Houstonians, People in Places

Lifestyle portraits in Montrose
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

A few years ago, Ronnie moved to Houston from Maryland. Not long after, we met in a local Facebook group of some sort, most likely one for photographers or small business owners. I don’t remember the exact details of how our conversation began, but we decided to meet for coffee and take a walk with our cameras to see what we stumbled upon. More than anything, I think we stumbled into a good friendship and business relationship.

Since meeting, we have attended a few photography workshops/education events together and helped each other out with various photography needs. When she recently asked if I’d like to trade headshots, I was, of course, up for the job.

I haven’t “cashed in” on my headshots yet, but for Ronnie’s, we decided to create those at a great location in Montrose which is a favorite of she and her clients. It was a bit rainy that day, so the indoor location worked out perfectly. It had a ton of windows, so the natural light was beautiful. And instead of a typical head-and-shoulders “headshot,” we went with more of a lifestyle approach to the portraits.

To learn more about Ronnie, check out the “Meet Ronnie” page on her website.


Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

The Fashionable Side of Photography – 4 day educational test shoot


4 day educational test shoot
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

Each year, I take a week trip to Dallas to brush up on my photography skills and learn a few new things too. I’ve taken a variety of classes with topics ranging from lighting and posing to marketing and pricing. This year, I decided to try my hand at something a little different, while having a bit of fun too, so I took a fashion photography class.

Over the range of four days, a team of amazing models, hair and makeup artists and stylists came together to make these test shoots possible. I photographed more models in four days than I have done in all of my photography experiences thus far. I really enjoyed getting to experience the “fashionable side of photography” and work with these models. It’s amazing the magic you can create in camera when you have such incredible talent on the other side.

ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0010ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0023ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0014ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0012ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0021ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0005ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0019ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0025ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0011ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0003ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0006ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0013ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0004ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0016ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0008ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0001ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0018ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0007ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0017ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0009ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0022ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0020ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Houston_Fashion_Portrait_Commercial_Editorial_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_1_0024Thanks to the everyone who made this work possible. To find/follow the models and creative team on Instagram, visit the following:


Hair and Makeup Artists:


These images were created during Steve Ellinger’s class, “The Fashionable Side of Photography” at the Texas School of Professional Photography, 2018.

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

The gift of giving- 2017 Fall/Winter issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

Faces, Houstonians, People in Places, Publications

2017 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

Last week, I finally had the chance to open an actual printed publication filled with my photographs, and it thrilled me just as much as the previous times I’ve seen my work in print. It was one of my two favorite UH days that I look forward to each year…the day I receive a copy of Inside Bauer Magazine. Making the photographs for each of these stories will always rank No. 1 for me in the process of creation, but seeing months worth of hard word and collaboration in the form of a 114-page magazine is the icing on the cake.

The fall/winter 2017 edition of Inside Bauer focuses on giving. It features students, alumni, faculty and donors who give in some form or fashion to the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, to the community of Houston, and to the greater good of humanity. It also features a few success stories coming out of the amazing programs that the college offers. The stories are well worth the time to read, the videos are captivating, and hopefully you will appreciate my portraits as well.

In no certain order, here are some favorite portraits made in the fall for Inside Bauer. Some of these photographs are published in the magazine, and some are never-before-seen. Enjoy!


First up is Edith Rubio, a current student who uses her passion for painting to serve others. In her interview, she said, “Whenever you figure out you have a talent, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself.”

For her photograph, we wanted to have two sets of portraits…one that obviously showed that Edith was a painter, and a second set of images that was a little more simple in styling…a blank canvas (pun intended), per say.


I love the Calvin Klein look of the white, simple outfit and Edith’s beautiful, dark eyes and curls on a grey backdrop.


Walter Johnson, founder of Amegy Bank, has lived a life based on hard work, so he’s now giving back to three banking students a year at Bauer who also work hard through their volunteer efforts.

I photographed Mr. Johnson in his “Founder’s Room” at the new Amegy Bank building on 610. I think all of us who attended his interview enjoyed his stories. He had stories about his childhood, career and one for each piece of memorabilia in his office. But the one story that stood out the most to me was about his efforts in getting all of the LifeFlight helicopters updates that were critically needed. Since my Dad had been LifeFlighted earlier in the summer, I personally thanked him for his contributions to that cause.


I really like the serious look of the image below, but Mr. Johnson seemed like a pretty happy guy, so I had to include one with a smile as well.


Roger Shao and wife Daisy are UH alums who love the Coogs, so they are also giving back to the Bauer College in the form of a scholarship. Their portraits were made outside of TDECU Stadium to emphasize their school spirit.

“If every alumnus gives back to this great university, no matter how big or small, the combined impact would be huge.”


Marie Flanigan is a successful Bauer MBA alumna who leads her own luxury interior design firm, Marie Flanigan Interiors, in Houston. Her work has been recognized both locally and across the US with awards, as well as being featured in various magazines and on HGTV.

I photographed Marie at her home studio, which features a fabulous 1-bedroom apartment. The studio is used as a showroom and was perfectly suited for her portraits. The large windows let in tons of beautiful, natural light, so there was hardly any setup required for these portraits, other than adding a bit of bounced light back into the scene.


We spent a good amount of time in The Heights for this round of Inside Bauer, which didn’t bother me at all. I love The Heights! So, I was super excited about being able to make Marcos Martinez’s portraits in front of the giant American flag in Manready Mercantile.

Marcos is a current EMBA student at Bauer with his ambitions set on bettering his career at the Dow Chemical Company. After surviving an explosion in the plant in 1998, he returned to the same plant and same office with a new desire to learn as much as he could about the business.


AJ Jain, an oil-and-gas executive and Bauer MBA alum, works as a mentor in the college’s SURE program, a program that helps entrepreneurs in underserved communities start businesses.

This neon hashtag sign in Bear’s Teahouse and Eatery seemed like the perfect backdrop for AJ’s portrait, as the phrase speaks of the entrepreneurial spirit that SURE encompasses.

Side note here: If you’re ever in the Westchase area, stop by and grab a pork banh mi and a peach and melon green tea. You can thank me later!


Anne Yu and Melissa Torres are two Bauer students who had the opportunity to intern at Google over the summer. Since the chances of being selected are so little, we wanted to feature Anne and Melissa in a way that showed perspective and made them “large and in charge.”

Additionally, I had a few examples on my “mood board” of some natural lit and candid portraits. The three of us had a good time chatting about their internships, restaurants we like and photography, while walking from location to location around campus to make each set of portraits.


Wayne Payne is another great giver to the Bauer College, and his gift is in the form of a teaching award. When he was growing up, Mr. Payne was blessed by those who gave to scholarships, so he wanted to do something similar and invested in faculty.

I photographer Mr. Payne in the library at his retirement community, which was certainly a fitting location for portraits of someone who invests in education.


Jake Milan not only works as a volunteer in the community regularly, but he has created a website, MyVolunteerLink, so that others can find ways to volunteer as well.

Since Jake volunteers a lot of his time, we wanted some photographs that spoke of time. The second two photographs in this set show Jake’s watch to hint at a time theme. But the main photo here ended up being a favorite of mine, because of the coincidence of Jake’s tie matching a building near our location. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a fashion-esque portrait of Jake with that matching backdrop.


Even though outsiders may not get the love for Houston, Houstonians love their city. And that love was definitely on display during Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath that followed.

Since Jessica Navarro, Director of the Bauer College’s Office of Communication, wanted to speak in her editor’s letter of the hurricane and the beautiful of show of humanity afterwards, she wore her favorite Houston T-shirt for her portraits. The Color Condition, a temporary art installation in Discovery Green was the perfect backdrop for these super-fun portraits.


I was overly excited when I found out that a dog would be included in one of my portrait sessions for this issue of Inside Bauer. Big, hairy, 4-legged friends are my favorite! And Luke, the Australian Shepherd, was no exception. He was a perfect model for his portraits, even though I think he really wanted to play with all of the squirrels at Oyster Creek Park instead.

Everette Gardner, faculty director of the Bauer Business Honors Program, and Luke, the dog, give back to the Houston community by volunteering with Caring Critters Houston, and visiting people such as patients with Alzheimers.


Luis and Amber Rabo met while both attending the Bauer College as MBA students. Now, they run We Olive & Wine Bar in The Heights.

Luis’s history in the hospitality industry was definitely noticeable as we setup for the We Olive photo/video shoot and interview. Before we wrapped the job, he made sure we were able to get a taste of what the gourmet food side of the business offers. I can’t remember what the exact combination was, but we had ice cream, topped with a bit of olive oil, cilantro and pineapple, if I’m correct. It was strangely fabulous!


For the cover story of Inside Bauer, “In Good Hands,” I photographed a few different donors who were recognized, both with more of a typical studio light setup and with a natural light look.

These photos of Greg Harper turned out to be two favorites. I wanted to give this particular set of images the look of a portrait shot with natural light on a backdrop. Because my location didn’t provide the necessary natural light, I had to get creative. I was quite happy with how these turned out.


The last set of images I’ll be sharing from Inside Bauer is a set of black and white headshots of students who have participated in the Bauer in DC program. My art direction for these portraits had a few varying looks, so I setup lights in a way that I could shoot three looks on a single backdrop within a matter of minutes.


This image is my favorite of the set. I feel like it should be a movie poster.


If you’ve enjoyed viewing these images and hearing about the work I’ve done for the Bauer College at the University of Houston, check out these previous blogs:

Bauer Leadership- 2017 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
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(Mostly) Women of Bauer – Fall/Winter issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

Style on “Snow Day” – Test shoot with Houston creatives

Faces, Houstonians, personal, style

Test shoot with Houston creatives
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

This didn’t technically happen on “snow day” in Houston, but it was quite frigid…and I like alliteration in headlines.

A couple weeks ago, on a cold and dreary Houston morning, I met up with a group of creatives/small business owners to network and hone our skills. I planned to photograph a high school senior during the allotted time of the styled shoot, since that’s an area of work I really enjoy and was hoping to promote in my retail photography. Unfortunately, the senior model booked for the day didn’t arrive in the time frame I was available.

But, lucky for me, there were a couple of lovely ladies on hand who took a few minutes to step in front of my lens for some test shots. One is a model who happens to work as another photographer’s assistant…Brittany. In her free time (is there any?), she is also an aspiring photographer herself. And the second, Karissa, is a travel blogger who promotes solo travel for the female variety through her blog, workshops, and vacations, of course. Check out She Flies Solo.

Bloggers in need of a fresh 2018 portrait? Seniors, Class of 2018, who haven’t booked those senior portraits? Here is a tiny sample of what NEP can offer you.


For more stylish portraits by NEP, visit the Style section of the portfolio.

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

The Heart Gallery – The gift of photography, Part 2

Faces, Giving

The gift of photography, Part 2
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to photograph children for the the Heart Gallery,  for the second time in as many years. I, along with a few other Houston photographers, have partnered up with this group through the Houston chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), as a way of giving back to the community.

The goal of our annual day with the Heart Gallery is to provide photographs that capture the personality of each child, so that families looking to adopt can get a brief glimpse into the hearts of these children. A professional portrait with a smile or laugh can go a lot further on a website than a biography alone, when potential adoptive families are looking to adopt.

On top of providing the adoptive agencies with a portrait, another goal of the day is to provide a fun outing for the kids to enjoy. The past two years, we’ve setup for portraits at Lakewood Church. Volunteers with the church have had a variety of games for the kids to play, like oversized Jenga, Connect Four and checkers. And a plethora of snacks are on hand for the children as well. Our part as photographers, in addition to capturing great expressions and delivering images to the agency, is to help the kids feel special…like a star of the show, with the spotlight on only them for just a few minutes.

The Heart Gallery portrait day is always a win-win, with everyone walking away better for participating.

Below is a sample of images from the group of kids I photographed. NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0054
This guy tried to play serious, but I was able to get a few laughs and smirks out of him eventually.NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0055NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0057NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0058
The whole time I photographed this twin, I was thinking of Bill Hader from Saturday Night Live. He had that eyebrow raise on par!NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0059Isn’t this boy adorable? I can totally see him in a Gap ad. NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0056
My initial plan with the portraits was to do a standard portrait on teal, then a set of images on different colored backdrops with the kids making funny faces. This little dude was the only one who wanted to go along with my funny face plan. I think he had the most fun!NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Wedding_Photographer_Portraits_Anahuac_Texas_Whites_Park_Events_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Haley_Jose_B_0060

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Nicki Evans Photography – 2017
Have camera. Will travel.

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

Bauer Leadership- 2017 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

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2017 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

Since it’s the time of year when I begin photographing the people who make up the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business for the next issue of Inside Bauer Magazine, I suppose it’s also time to share portraits from the last issue.

The spring/summer issue of Inside Bauer is packed with stories of leaders within the college and leaders in the community who have connections with the Bauer College. To read the incredible stories of those leaders, hear their interviews in the videos and to see a few portraits, visit the online version of the magazine here: Inside Bauer – Spring/Summer 2017

As with all publications, there are only a few photographs that make the final cut of the magazine because of space. To see more photographs and my favorites that were made in the spring, continue scrolling through the blog.

To lead things off, I’m going to introduce Preston Boyer. I could probably devote a whole blog to his photos, because they were so much fun to make. Preston has created his own clothing line and is making a name for himself in Houston and the fashion scene beyond. You can check out his site here: Preston Douglas

For Preston’s portraits, we wanted to match the look of photographs on his website (clean and full of white space) and his Instagram (think old Polaroid snapshots).1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00031_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00011_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00041_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0002

If you don’t watch any other video from this issue of the magazine, at least watch Preston’s story. It’s pretty inspiring…and I might make a cameo 😉

Next up is Aishah. Since I tend to have to photograph in the same places over and over at Bauer, we have to get creative sometime to make a set that looks like something other than a classroom. This is a great example of doing that. We photographed Aishah in an event center, but wanted to make it look more like a home office. Coincidentally, Aishah’s  dark salmon-colored pants went perfectly with our teal and earthy colored decor.1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00051_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0006
Bauer is obviously a college, so I rarely photograph anyone under the age of 18 when doing UH work. For Porfirio’s portraits, I got to use my natural light, family portrait skills to photograph him with his youngest son and daughter. We wanted to showcase how he leads not only on campus and in the military, but also at home too as a husband and father.1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00071_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00081_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0009
The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE) is one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the country. This issue of the magazine feature stories on two of the WCE teams. For the first story, my art direction included portraits that were shot through a window. That was something new for me, but it turned out to be a fun challenge. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0015
The second WCE team to be featured had taken a trip to Japan to study international business, so the art direction was for stock-like images of young travelers. We asked the students to wear clothes they would typically travel in and to bring a few mementos from their trip. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00161_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00171_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00181_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00191_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0020
After this next session, I decided all portrait sessions going forward should include confetti. Because why? Why not? It makes everyone smile! To know more about Kiery, read her story.1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00211_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0022
If you live in Houston and need a new park to visit, check out Smither Park. It isn’t your typical park with lots of trees and nature. It’s more of a concrete park…full of tile mosaics. It’s really pretty unique, and most of it is very colorful. We chose this simpler white wall as the backdrops for Camille’s portraits.1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0023
I mentioned that Preston’s portrait session was my favorite for the issue. That was true. But this black and white image is my favorite single image of the issue and one of my favorites portraits I’ve ever made. If you visited my homepage first, you’ll notice it’s the main art. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0025
In addition to the dramatic image of David Suttles, we also made a more straightforward image, so you could see his face a bit better. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0024
If you recognize Maria Rios, you may have seen her on Blue Collar Millionaire. I photographed Maria at Nation Waste, Inc. where she leads the first Latina-owned waste-removal company in the US, doing business with the likes of Super Bowl LI. The day of Maria’s portraits, it rained on and off. We started with a few portraits in the boardroom, just in case the rain ruined our outdoor plans, then headed outdoors to photograph her with her fleet in between rain showers. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00291_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0028
Penny Davis’s portraits were made on another rainy day. Some days you just have to roll with the punches and dance in the rain, so that’s precisely what we did…with a few safe, indoor shots first. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00351_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0036
The next photographs were taken in a Walmart Distribution Center in Sealy, where Mireo Latham leads quite a team. He gave me a tour of the massive facility to select the location for his portraits. It was quite impressive to see how those conveyor belts work, sending these boxes here and those boxes there. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0030
To round out this issue of Inside Bauer, I’ll share a couple of images from the cover story.  The first one is a strong black and white image. This is another example of trying to find a new way to photograph in the same buildings I always use. In three years of work with UH, I’d never made a portrait on this staircase, even though I have photographed many events surrounding it.1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0037
And last, a set of vibrant images to show off a vibrant life. Noha is one of my favorite Bauer grads. She and I had previously met at many Bauer events, but I since I never had the chance to make her portraits, I was excited to finally have that opportunity. Even though the portrait session didn’t take long, I enjoyed getting to hang out with Noha briefly. If you need a few words of wisdom, check out her Instagram feed. It’s always worth the read. 1_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__00381_NEvansPhotos_Houston_Portrait_Photographer_Inside_Bauer_College_Commercial__0039
That’s a wrap for the first half of photographing Bauer in 2017. Six months from now, you’ll probably have a new set of Bauer portraits to view. Thanks for taking the time to view my portraits!

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Nicki Evans Photography – 2017
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer