Small business- 2018 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

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2018 Spring/Summer issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

At the beginning of the University of Houston 2018 spring semester, I found out I was pregnant with twins. For this reason, it became my last full semester of working as the Bauer College staff photographer. I wasn’t sure if pregnancy would affect my work in the months following my big news, but other than being a little nauseous (and sometimes a bit more easily exhausted) on a few of the jobs, I was able to complete all of my Inside Bauer assignments with no major problems. I’m happy that it all worked out because this project (or collection of projects over a few-month span) is my favorite part of working at the college.

As with previous issues, it’s always a pleasure to meet and photograph these Bauer College students, professors and alumni, and to hear their stories from Bauer or of their Bauer-related success. I’ve probably mentioned this in other blogs, but one of the main reasons behind the creation of Inside Bauer Magazine is to feature these people in a way that portrays the many uses and benefits of a business degree, whether that means success in a board room (a typical business degree association) or in the cases of some of these featured individuals…following a passion to brew beer and opening a highly successful Houston brewery, using business knowledge and life experiences to promote awareness in suicide prevention, or growing produce and a gardening business inside the 610 Loop.

Like with past Inside Bauer blogs, this is a collection of my favorite images made for the magazine (some that were published and others not). Enjoy! And take time to visit a few of the links to read more in-depth stories of these wonderful individuals.

To kick things off, I’ll start with the cover story of the magazine, which features Ryan Soroka, president and co-founder of 8th Wonder Brewery. I had the opportunity to photograph Ryan for some ads early on in my Bauer career, but this is the first time his photographs were featured in the magazine. Although it was a pretty gloomy day when we visited the brewery, the light in the tap room was amazing. With a pop of strobe added here and there, I captured quite a variety of portraits, with the following being my favorites. To read more about Ryan and see a short video, visit this link.

Yara Suki is a fellow Bauer employee who I’ve worked with on countless sales events. For this portrait, it was nice to sit down and chat (while photographing her) without all of the chaos of an event happening in the backdrop. Yara’s passions range from event planning to designing to food blogging. We decided to go with a food blogger look for this portrait and photographed her outside of a Bauer alum’s on-campus business, The Nook Cafe. I love how the bokeh of the gold lights in the backdrop creates color harmony with her gold jewelry and the crisp, caramel color of the croissant.

Caroline Ferguson is on a mission to end suicide through her business Grateful & Company. We went downtown to GreenStreet to photograph and interview Caroline at the Sugar & Cloth color wall. The happy colors of the wall go perfectly with her bubbly personality. And even though it was a typical warm, humid day in Houston, Caroline’s spirts were high and we only donated a little sweat to this cause. To hear more about Caroline and  her business, read the story and watch a video here. You might spot an NEP cameo in the video 🙂

The inspiration behind Yotham Kassaye’s portraits was Martin Schoeller’s series of close-up portraits that draw you into the depths of the subject’s eyes. We tried a variety of facial expressions, and I loved so many, I couldn’t share just one. To read about Yotham’s experience leaving Ethiopia and coming to the US to attend Bauer, follow this link.

The Nook was a popular spot for photography on the UH campus this issue and in previous jobs for Bauer College as well. For the Editor’s Letter in this magazine, we popped over to the back porch of The Nook to photograph magazine editor and Office of Communication executive director Jessica Navarro.

UH feature twirler and Bauer student Morgan Bull was into small business long before stepping foot onto the UH campus, as she grew up around her family’s dance studio. I visited the Spring, TX business to photograph Morgan there in the studio.

For Nikhil Celly’s portrait, I used a projector to create the wall pattern, adding some texture to his portrait. The image projected is actually a graffiti wall in EaDo I photographed while perusing the area last summer. During his portrait session, we spoke a lot about Canada, where he earned his doctorate, and where I traveled this summer. To learn about his background and research, read this story.

One of my favorite things about photographing the various people featured in Inside Bauer is exploring the new places where photo shoots take me. Did you know there’s a thriving farm inside the 610 Loop in Houston? I certainly wouldn’t have expected it. But I did enjoy photographing Mark Garcia-Prats there, where he and his brothers run Finca Tres Robles just a couple of miles from UH. To learn a bit about this MBA student and his ventures into running an urban farm business, follow this link.

Melissa Emekli’s venture into small business became one of happenstance, but her MBA from Bauer has helped her along the way. For her portraits, we went with a few fun and simple headshots.

The Alphalete Gym, where I photographed Sophia Pierce, was another great location I enjoyed working at for this issue of the magazine. My art direction took me one way for the portraits, but the wall of kettle bells backlit through huge roll-up doors (not part of the art direction) was what caught my attention and ended up being where I made my favorite portraits for this story. ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Inside_Bauer_College_Magazine_University_Houston_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_2018_0008ZZ-NEvansPhotos_Inside_Bauer_College_Magazine_University_Houston_Photographer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_2018_0007

Clara Hough was photographed in her showroom at House of Hough in the Heights. The plethora of linens made for fun backdrops, and the endless color palettes to choose from were a definite bonus too. To see how Clara’s BBA in marketing helped her succeed in business, visit this link.

Last, but not least, I’m featuring a few favorite shots of Bauer alum Derek Brown, photographed in the VIP showroom at Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, the dealership where Derek is vice president of business development and marketing. I don’t think you can ever go wrong photographing in a room of classic and top-of-the-line luxury sports cars. This image was a particular favorite because it combines a classy portrait with a backdrop merging past and present. The car in the foreground was originally owned by the dealership’s owner’s father, and has since been restored to pristine condition. In the background, is a limited edition beauty that’s never seen the road.

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Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer





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