Bob Marley lyrics in a photograph – The day I shot (photographed) the sheriff

Chambers County, People in Places

The day I shot (photographed) the sheriff
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

NEP_0207-Edit-2“I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy…” I hear these lyrics every time I look at this portrait of Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department.

As a small business owner, I’m a member of a few of the local chamber of commerce groups. I attend as many events as possible to meet fellow business owners and members of the communities where I work and live.

Each of these groups has a yearly awards gala of some sort. When that awards banquet was coming up for the West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce earlier this year, I thought it would be nice if they had a portrait of the “Person of the Year” to reveal when his/her name was announced. The timing didn’t work out to photograph the award winner beforehand, so instead, the chamber president and I worked out an arrangement for me to photograph Sheriff Hawthorne after the event. The portrait will be displayed in the chamber office throughout the year until the 2019 “Person of the Year” is named.

Sheriff Hawthorne and I met early one morning during spring break outside of the Chambers County Courthouse in Anahuac, TX to make his portrait. It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny day but also about 50 degrees with a blustery wind. A large pile of sand bags and an assistant were needed so I could “shoot” the sheriff while avoiding “taking him out” with a heavy duty light stand and 60″ diffuser (a.k.a. giant kite, in this situation). I would not want to be known as the local photographer who impaled the sheriff with a light stand.

The portrait turned out just as I had pictured it, and I’m pleased to share the results of the time “I shot the sheriff…”

Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

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