My friend and fellow photog, Ronnie – Lifestyle portraits in Montrose

Faces, Houstonians, People in Places

Lifestyle portraits in Montrose
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

A few years ago, Ronnie moved to Houston from Maryland. Not long after, we met in a local Facebook group of some sort, most likely one for photographers or small business owners. I don’t remember the exact details of how our conversation began, but we decided to meet for coffee and take a walk with our cameras to see what we stumbled upon. More than anything, I think we stumbled into a good friendship and business relationship.

Since meeting, we have attended a few photography workshops/education events together and helped each other out with various photography needs. When she recently asked if I’d like to trade headshots, I was, of course, up for the job.

I haven’t “cashed in” on my headshots yet, but for Ronnie’s, we decided to create those at a great location in Montrose which is a favorite of she and her clients. It was a bit rainy that day, so the indoor location worked out perfectly. It had a ton of windows, so the natural light was beautiful. And instead of a typical head-and-shoulders “headshot,” we went with more of a lifestyle approach to the portraits.

To learn more about Ronnie, check out the “Meet Ronnie” page on her website.


Nicki Evans Photography – 2018
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

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