A love affair with water, Part 2 – Get Salty

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Get Salty
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

If this is the first you’re hearing of my love affair, you might want to hear the full story. So start here: A love affair with water, Part 1 – Get Fresh 

If not, thanks for visiting my fresh blog. Now it’s time to add a little salt.

Like mentioned in my previous blog, I was born into this water life. I have memories of visiting the local Texas beaches as a kid, playing in the surf and picking up seashells. From a young age, I was always fascinated with surfing but don’t know what brought that on. For my family, the salt life was more about fishing than surfing. Maybe a movie or magazine article inspired that wonder.

But I think when I really became a saltwater soul was around age 10 or 12. We took a family trip to Pensacola, FL for my parents to go scuba diving. It was my first taste of white sand and blue-green, clear water. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve been taking any chance I have to get away to those blue waters.

One of my favorite trips was to Ventura, CA, where my husband was working on a 6-week project. I flew out to spend 10 days with him. On the days when my husband was working, I would hop on my rental bike and just cruise around town, soaking up the West Coast life, reading on the beach and taking photos. It was pretty sweet!

Like with my wake boarding images, most of my beach photographs are from personal vacations, but I’d love to branch out with that type of photography as well and be able to work on some projects with those living the saltwater lifestyle. Whether it be surfing, sailing, kiteboarding or fishing, I’d love to follow the sun, capturing the magic that occurs within the deep blue.

NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-11NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-12NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-13NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-14NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-16NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-15NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-17 NEvansPhotos_Houston_TX_Commercial_Photographer_Surfing_Surf_Lifestyle_Action_Sports_Nicki_Evans_Photography_Advertising_Editorial_California_Ventura-18

Nicki Evans Photography – 2016
Have camera. Will travel. Just add water.

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

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