(Mostly) Women of Bauer – 2015 Fall/Winter issue of Inside Bauer Magazine

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2015 Fall/Winter issue of Inside Bauer Magazine
by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography

What do a lady boss, kick boxer, competitive diver, a foodie and an entrepreneur have in common? They’re all the women of Bauer. The Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston is a place where diversity thrives. The women of Bauer are a large portion of that diversity, and they are making their mark on the world in Houston and beyond.

During the fall of 2015, I had the honor of photographing a number of lovely ladies (and a few gents as well) for the fall/winter issue of Inside Bauer Magazine at UH, which focuses on…you guessed it, women! I visited high-rise condos, executive suites, workout facilities, a radio station, a Hill Country deli and more to capture the lives of these Bauer students, alumni, faculty and staff.

This blog features photographs from some of my favorite portraits sessions for this issue of the magazine. Hope you enjoy the images!

To read the full issue of the magazine and hear some amazing stories of very talented people, click the magazine cover. While you’re at it, check out the YouTube links throughout to get a more in-depth look at those who are featured.
















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Inside_Bauer_Nicki_Evans_Photography_University_of_Houston Nicki_Evans_Photography_University_of_Houston_Bauer_Commercial_Photographer_Environmental_Portraits_0006 Nicki_Evans_Photography_University_of_Houston_Bauer_Commercial_Photographer_Environmental_Portraits_0007

Nicki Evans Photography – 2016
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer

Welcome to the new(er) Nicki Evans Photography – Houston commercial photographer


by Houston commercial photographer – Nicki Evans Photography


Hello from Houston!

Thank you for visiting Nicki Evans Photography (the commercial side)! If you’ve followed my business for a while, you’ll notice this is a new branch of my photography, as I was previously advertising mostly to couples, families and seniors at the old version of www.nickievansphotography.com.

Since at least half of my current time in photography is spent doing portraits for commercial and advertising use by the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, I wanted a website that conveyed that type of work. If you’ve seen both websites, the styles of photography vary quite a bit, so I felt the separation in “brands” would be the best way to portray each set of images.

Many of the images displayed throughout the site are pieces of my work for the Bauer College, with subjects ranging from UH students to faculty to alumni who are successful business owners in Houston and beyond.

As a photographer, I will still be making photographs for couples, families and seniors in the softer, more natural style that can be seen at NickiEvansPhotography.com. But I will also be offering executive head shots, studio portraits, and environmental images for commercial, advertising and editorial use. Of course, neither style has to be limited to one side of the business. If you’re a high school senior who wants edgy, studio portraits, let’s make it happen. Or if you’re a corporate client who wants softer, lifestyle images of your team, that can be done as well.

Please enjoy the images displayed on the site. These are amazing people with incredible stories, and it’s been my privilege to photograph them.

If you’d like beautiful images to share your story or your brand, let’s talk!



Nicki Evans Photography – 2016
Have camera. Will travel. 

Nicki Evans Photography – Houston, TX – Commercial Photographer